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Recruiting homeowners and businesses for solarlab initiative

The Centre for Sustainability at the University of Otago, New Zealand has joined forces with solarcity to establish the National Solar Laboratory (solarlab). Its mission: to conduct a comprehensive study into household solar energy usage to better inform and guide the nation towards a sustainable energy future.

solarcity’s multi-year initiative will explore how adopting photovoltaic systems (PV) and other new energy technologies impacts on the cost of energy and on everyday life. This, combined with testing innovative energy efficiency measures, aims to provide insights that will directly benefit households, businesses and the nation as a whole.

The project is seeking 120 homes, as well as a number of businesses, who are interested in installing solar with solarcity \ and being involved in the research. solarcity now offers solarZero, where customers are able to buy solar power without purchasing the panels at a fixed price for the next 20 years that is cheaper than traditional power. More information on the purchase of solarZero, and on the research programme, is available on the solarcity site . Click here to learn more about solarlab. Click here to learn more about solarZero.

The research methodology has been designed to allow integration with the MBIE funded 6-year Renewable Energy and Smart Grid (GREEN Grid) initiative, to maximise the benefits to New Zealand Inc.

solarcity are currently recruiting for households and businesses to be part of the solarlab initiative:

Calling all forward thinking homeowners! – Imagine being part of a nationwide solar power study to test a range of new technologies in energy efficiencies and help drive NZ to being 100% renewable. Sounds amazing right? As stage one of a multi-year initiative exploring the positive impacts on the cost of energy the clever folk at solarcity have joined forces with the University of Otago to create solarlab. Link for more information or beat the rush and private message solarcity with your contact number now and they’ll be in touch shortly. Spots are limited! #itstime

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